Our Growth

Our Growth

For two decades we learned from the offline world and in 2014 we started our digital revolution. We incubate our growth with the contributions of technology and we promote it with a multidisciplinary team of collaborators that makes us unique. 

In 2017, we started operations in Uruguay and became the first fintech company in Argentina to launch a public trust for a personal loan portfolio, of which we have issued two series.

In October 2018, we launched Welp, a multiproduct financial platform, inaugurating a new category to facilitate people’s financial lives. 

In November 2018, we started our operations in Spain. We were the first Argentine Fintech to reach Europe, and we launched Mango, personal loans that promote inclusion and financial education. 

Our strategic growth plan includes our future presence in places such as Mexico and Brazil as well as the launch of new products and services.

Company start up
We began our digital transformation.

We began our regional expansion.

We started operating in Uruguay.

Launch of the 1st public trust personal loan portfolio.

We began operating in Spain.
We developed 100% digital Onboarding.
Business consolidation and intense international expansion.
Fundación de la compañía
Comienza transformación digital del negocio.

Inicia el proceso de expansión regional

Desembarca en Uruguay.

Lanzamiento del 1° fideicomiso público de cartera de préstamos personales.

Inicia las operaciones en España.
Desarrolla el Onboarding 100% digital
Consolidación del negocio y en plena expansion internacional