Mango the personal loan that trusts you.

Mango is a proposal that we developed and supported from Wenance because we strongly believe in supporting any Argentine who requires a loan. 

For this reason and with a strong commitment to equality and quality, we created Mango: a space that, in a 100% digital way, seeks to facilitate access to loans to people without bank accounts, so that they can be part of the financial system under more equitable conditions.

To achieve a fairer approach, we developed a strong financial inclusion tool that adapts to the needs and possibilities of each person. Mango only requires that its customers be of legal age, have an Argentine ID (DNI) and a bank account under the same name to access credit.

Likewise, monotributistas (single tax payers) can request their loan only if they belong to category C of the simplified tax system and have paid the last 6 months of it -in addition to the aforementioned requirements-.

If you meet these requirements, you can access a sum of up to 200,000 pesos and repay it in up to 36 monthly installments. It is important to mention that the amount granted is directly linked to the credit analysis that we carry out of the data you enter. This is so we may provide a personalized loan to ensure that the amount reflects your financial possibilities.

As Mango uses a digital platform, you can request a loan online. Without leaving your home. This system is not only more comfortable, it also shortens processing times.

In fact, beginning the application process andreceiving approval may only take a few minutes. After this period, we transfer the required amount so that you, our customer, can use it at your discretion. 

At the same time, we seek to offer security to all our customers by issuing a receipt. To do this, we use digital contracts that can be signed using a digital signature, the purpose of which is to unequivocally identify the signer and ensure the integrity of the signed document. This process validates the contract and through it the Terms and Conditions of the personal loan are accepted.

Finally, it should be noted that at Wenance we believe that everybody deserves to have access to credit and that is why we created Mango Score. It is a system of credit points that rewards good behavior, meeting payments and learning the contents provided by the School of Finance to obtain better financial possibilities in the future.