welp write your own story.

At Wenance we believe that there is nothing more important than completing projects. That is why we developed Welp, a financial platform designed so that everybody is at liberty to manage their finances and build their future.

This product, which combines finance and technology, aims to bring multiple agile solutions to all our users. 

Welp wants to be the ally of people in the entire Argentine territory so that they fulfill their projects, from remodeling their home to traveling worldwide to starting a new business. 

To ensure that this financial product reaches those who need it, we reformulated the pre-existing credit structure to make a radical change: now applying for a loan is possible without leaving home thanks to our 100% digital platform, which has very flexible requirements.

All customers can simulate their credit, complete the application form and receive the necessary assistance by mans of a computer or cell phone connection, in a totally secure way. We even grant approval of loans for up to 300 thousand pesos by means of a digital contract with an electronic signature so that the parties can validate the terms and conditions of the agreement with total transparency and trust. 

In this sense, Welp is the ideal solution for accessing considerable sums of money in the short term to achieve certain objectives.

If you want to request this product, we remind you that you only need to be over 18 years of age, have a National Identity Document (DNI) and a salary account under the same name to start the process.  Another important factor is that, if you are an employee in a dependency relationship, to request a loan you must have at least 4 months’ seniority.